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Will You Please Start Letting Go?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Life is an art and everyone is not an artist. But everyone in this universe is a learner, once and forever. Letting go is an art and I’m an artist and you’re not just a reader but a learner. 

Have you ever noticed why good things take time to happen? I have! I know and I want to give it away. It is because we take too long to clear the path. We just take too much time in LETTING GO. You know right in order to let something new happen in your life you need to let go of something which has already happened? 

It is not enough to sit and wait for something good to happen “without wiping your tears”! I mean you need to move on from something bad that happened. You need to make way for good things. Letting go is an art. Train yourself to be an artist. All you gotta do is let go.

Everyone has a different life and has a unique ending. There is just one thing in common and that is obstacles. It depends, how you handle! You have got a life, live it. And in order to live it, you need to love it. In order to love it, you need to create a room for good things.

You’ve faced enough of problems in life, you’ve cried enough! I just sent happiness your way but it’s blocked so will you please start letting go?

A short and sweet reminder. Written by my beautiful Raja, Roshni Arora. For more awesome content, visit her instagram, here.

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