• Hasitha Illa

Why did I start a YouTube?

If you didn't know that I started a YouTube then, CLICK HERE to visit it.

Why did I even start a YouTube? Our disability community lacks representation. Whether it’s in acting for movies, modeling or any other profession, able-bodies are preferred and disabled are neglected. We never see Barbie dolls or Legos using wheelchair and we never see a girl with a cane modeling for a shirt at Westside. Representation never existed and we are in dire need of it.

If we see more disabled figures in games, dolls or ads then, we would feel more included and less left out. Imagine, if I had a stuffed doll in a wheelchair then, I wouldn’t have felt so different and maybe I would have accepted myself earlier in life! For that very reason, I started a YouTube channel with a hope to connect with other individuals, fighting similar battles to mine.

In addition I also advocate on various issues we face when we are living with a disability. For example, I did a video addressing the weird assumptions people make, just because we are in a wheelchair. I can totally laugh about it now but, it was hard to digest back then. Overall, it brings awareness to the public that we can live a ‘normal’ life just like anyone else. I did a day in a life video where I showcase exactly that and the response I got was overwhelming!

A big plus is that I serve as an inspiration and a role model to many out there, even abled-bodies. This gives me an added opportunity to focus on mental health because it matters before anything and needs to be less of a stigma. Mental Health is something I as a disabled woman always struggled with and it is high time we normalize it!

Acceptance isn’t the only struggle we have with our disability but, it’s much more than that. It’s a mix of issues with mental health, society and inaccessibility! And bringing awareness is key.



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