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USA vs India

It’s been 4 months since I’ve entered the land of America. Till now, I have been pestered with the obvious question of “Which country do you like better?” For that, I feel that an instagram post is not enough to express that very answer. So, here I am restarting my blog after many many months.

For the ones who do not know why I’m in America, please click here. And for those who want to know the answer, please keep reading :)

Every country has its pros and cons but, let’s begin with the pros. The very obvious pro is that USA in general is way more wheelchair accessible. They have a very strict law (ADA) in place with everyone following it. Till now, everywhere I went I didn’t have to worry about whether I would be able to go or not and the public bathrooms are 🤌🏻.  Im in absolute bliss when I’m out because I know that there will be an accessible washroom there! While in India, I would literally omit myself from drinking water so I wouldn’t need to use the washrooms for hours together! (Don’t know how I did it!) Additionally, people, in Charlotte specifically, are more inclusive and accepting of differences in others which is a major pro. The individualistic attitude in people here is such a pro for me simply because people are not nosy at all and also they give such high importance as well as respect to the privacy of others. (This can easily become a con for others and keep reading to find out!) Something about this country makes me feel more confident such that I can conquer all that I’ve dreamt of. (Or maybe it’s just me, other immigrants let me know!)

On the contrary, I feel it depends on what age you are in the USA to benefit fully from this country. For example, when you’re kid, that is the time to grow your personality, learn from the life around you and gain your own character in this world. That is the perfect time to be in India. I say this because we Indians can see life from the root level. If we see everything blossom, which how it appears to be in the USA, then, it would more difficult in gaining a variety of experiences. Additionally, USA could be quite isolating as one, the population is way less and two, people tend to have that individualistic attitude. For instance, for people who are retiring it could be problematic and India could be better with the company of all those relatives. But then again, it totally depends on your preferences.

I feel that I came in the correct time. Except, the only downfall is that it’s so difficult to make friends, especially of my age. But, that could be just North Carolina!

I would like to continue writing in this blog and I do have an exciting, upcoming launch coming up! Please stay tuned. :) The hint for what the launch maybe is in the image down below 👀 Happy Guessing!

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