• Hasitha Illa

To my Companion for life

I noticed that glow on your face when you came to meet me after years and I had the same excitement to be in your presence. When our eyes met there was a spark like none other. But, before I surrender myself into your heart, are you actually ready to dive deep into my ocean of vulnerabilities and fly high during my victories.

I will be your best mistake and your favorite nightmare.

I maybe odd from the general crowd. My personality aligns with the north and south pole because my emotions are always at their peaks. I'm the kinda girl who will yell at you but, run by your side the very next second. I’m the one who will tear at the same time my temper is out of control. But, I am certainly not that girl who will hold on to my anger or hold a grudge against you.

No matter what the emotion may be, be it happiness, sadness or excitement, it is always at its max. I will be so happy that my voice never simmers down when we are in public and when I do get sad, I curl myself into a ball in the corner of the house while I’m trapped in my own thoughts. Living with me is literally a complete meal.

But maybe, I will love you just as fiercely as any other emotion. But, will u?

I am an extreme ambivert. There will be days where I would not want to move an inch. On the other hand, you will sometimes find me pulling your hand just to go out to get a breath of fresh air.

I have a never ending bucket-list. Though my mobility is limited and the places that I can go to are restricted, my heart and soul are into traveling. I'm an adventurous girl that loves a bit of a thrill to my monotonous life. And when we travel the world together, promise me to hold my hand tight and kiss my forehead so I don't lose my cool when they say,

“Sorry Ma’am; that place is inaccessible to wheelchair users.”

I may be socially awkward in front of a new crowd but, I aint like that with the ones I’m comfortable with. Some days, you may feel detached from me, but that is only because I love to catch up with my friends once in a while.

While society has stereotyped love for decades; the formation of our eternal bond will break each one of those. One of us may look less attractive than the other but that doesn't mean we should part ways as our souls are deeply connected. I will not be younger than you and you don't have to be taller than me. You will not be the only one who needs to work in the house, but I will take half the responsibility. We will be the odd one out as most people follow these rules.

Will you be ready to go on this roller coaster ride called life with me, break some stereotypes and be the most unique couple in the world?

Yours Truly,

The inquisitive one

This was originally written by my friend, Kavya Mukhija on her blog (HERE). I was inspired to take that post and add my personal spin to it. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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