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  • Hasitha Illa

Those four-legged furry friends

The only good thing my brother has ever done was to ask for a puppy. Since I was a child, I adored puppies as they were the cutest things on this planet. But, I was not allowed to have one so instead, I started hoarding stuffed animals.

Many people have pets in their homes and the majority are dog lovers. Benjamin is our first pet dog and our whole family cherishes him. He is like a little toddler in the house who becomes the center of attention . Whether it is dull or gloomy in the house, his presence changes the whole atmosphere and when we step out of the house, there is always a little soul with a big heart, waiting for our return.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility and hair of course. Being a golden retriever, he’d shed most seasons and took months to get potty trained. Also, he’d leave us with a smelly surprise every time we returned home. When he falls ill, those frequent visits to the vet would tense us. But, the biggest nightmare of them all, is the ticks that crawling onto you after every show of affection.

But, it all seems like nothing compared to the happiness he radiates. He is a real example for the meaning of ‘forever’ in a relationship, because he will always be with you no matter what. He has proven it as well! Every morning he is just as excited to see my apathetic face and shows enthusiasm in involving himself in my morning routine. By any chance, if we exit his sight, then he’ll freak out. I've always wanted a companion, and I'm sure everyone needs one. But, I never knew that it would be in the form of a dog.

In life, everyone has positives and negatives to themselves, and it is up to us in deciding who is worth putting up with. I am damn sure that we made the right choice in choosing him.

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