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  • Hasitha Illa

The start to change

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Heartfulness meditation was like that ‘wedding saree’ which we pass on from generation to generation. It was religiously followed by my grandfather and was passed on to my mother. As I was next in line, I was told to experience it before making any sort of judgements.

The rule to the meditation was quite simple. I had to take three introductory sittings from the designated trainer and then only I was allowed to do it on my own. I remember my first sitting like it happened yesterday. On that day, I sat for the first 10 minutes and kept my eyes wide open for the rest of the time, startling my preceptor (trainee). That’s when he told me, ‘It’ll become easier day by day.” By the third day, I was locked in by the love passed.

I am one of those people who holds their own values and who does not easily get convinced by other systems. The initial months were difficult because I was trying something with no faith. When I began to meditate, it lasted for no more than 10 minutes and we had to ‘clean’ our souls in the evening with a separate procedure. Even if I’d lag behind by missing any of the steps above, my parents would not fail to take me to attend the satsungs (group meditations) every sunday.

Months passed and my board exams were right around the corner. Knowing that I develop mental breakdowns at this time, my mom suggested that we stay in the ashram. With mixed feelings I got ready to spend my time with textbooks in the midst of tranquility. This place hooked me ever since with its group meditations and peace. Staying in constant remembrance with the mission and following the system like a true disciple really changed my life. Persistently being in this environment among abhyasis (meditation practitioners) has taught me many things.

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