The role of people in our lives

As much as we see in the news that animals are becoming extinct, the human race is continually growing. One of the major factors that contribute to this growth is our ability to socialize. As we are able to maintain and cooperate in large societies, our race is easily sustained. But, many of these interactions end up being bittersweet.

Our generation is a mix of anti-socials, out-goings, and reserved people. There are people who hate other humans and ones who can't live without speaking to one. Some love their own company while, others can't live without the company of others. Our world is a mix of all personalities, and we can not presume that everyone can vibe together.

We interact with a closed mindset of ideal behaviors. Not realizing that we live in a world of various characters, we tend to not give people the chance they deserve. It truly makes it interesting to experience the various outlooks of people and we get moments like, “Oh! People like this do exist.” For example, no one would expect to gain as much pleasure as terrorists get when billions of people explode. No one would expect Michael Jackson to do as many plastic surgeries to give a complete new appearance. No one would expect a braveheart like Neeraja Bhanot to put her life forward, in order to save thousands of lives. As big as this world is, the people in it are more peculiar to discover.

In this process of intertwining with one another, some may end up as an epidemic plague, while others may remain as a sweet memory. People may lure you in just to use you as bait or the one person who was close to your heart, might become a part of a reminiscence. While all these are learning experiences, it is important to realize that everyone (good or bad) played a major role in shaping who you are now.

I was once a person that loved to socialize and interact with new human beings. But, now I walk around with fear and doubt. As much as people open up with me, I am unable to provide the same. A flower which blossomed in front of thousands, now shrivels with doubt. Experiences do change a person, but we should be aware on how good that change really is.

As difficult as it might be, human relations are as important as having a meal everyday.

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