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Did you know that October was Diversity Awareness Month? It's very crucial to acknowledge that our world is not made of one certain type of human. It's made of Blacks, Lesbians, Indians, Disabled, Gay and so much more. We celebrate this month to help bring awareness on the many underrepresented communities. One such minority group is of my community which are the disabled. I wrote on my previous post about a surprise launch and the time has come to announce it. 

This project was worked on by three hardworking ladies (An illustrator, a parenting coach and me of course!) We started this journey last year and let me tell you that becoming a published author is not as smooth as I thought it was! We all fell sick one after another and we had certain issues throughout the process of publishing. There were so many pitfalls along the way but, I am so glad that we powered through and finally launched this. We have come up with a children's book centered on disability named Wheeling Away. 

Wheeling Away is about an army boy, Aarav, who's dad is posted in Chandir Mandir Station. In his new school, he meets this girl who turns his perceptions upside down! He embarks in this friendship with her and along the way, he understands the hardships that people with disabilities face, whether it’s internally, inaccessibility or with people. In the end, he learns how to be a better ally. CLICK HERE to check out this book!

The main motive of this book (and hopefully it’ll turn into a series) is to bring awareness and inclusion. What better way to do that than to start with kids? I love children because of their innocence and their zestful energy to learn. They are like clay who can easily be moulded in the right direction. Hence, we came up with this book with some beautiful illustrations and an illuminating storyline. Click here to include this book in your home library! This book will be available in India and as for USA, please email me your order

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