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Should you be taking any help?

Asking someone a favor was never easy for me. Even if it was as little as sharing notes; I would still refrain from doing it. It might have been my ego or even my shyness which stopped me but, life had something else in mind.

Some people find that asking for help is a weakness while others find it easier to ask for help. But for me, it became a necessity. I believe one becomes vulnerable when we ask for any favor because there are chances that no one is interested and that’s what I found difficult. Receiving a “No.” You need guts to ask people favors and frankly, I didn't have it in me. (Initially, atleast.)

In college, I even had experiences where people would lend a hand just so they’d look ‘good’ in front of other people. Crazy right?!? That’s when I became selective with the people I seek help with. But, what’s the point of it? I will never get to know their true intentions until later on and one of my wise friends suggested, "Just get your work done; their intentions do not matter to you!” Another golden rule I learnt was that just because someone is helping you; it does NOT make them a good human being. With such wrong judgments, I suffered my college life, the hard way. People can still have a horrid nature and still help you out! Maybe, because I needed a bit more help than the average human; I was able to understand people’s mind and basically gain these lovely life lessons.

However, one thing is for sure and that is no matter what, people will judge you! For example, if I actively take help from others then, people concluded that this girl uses people. However, if I didn’t then, people said that I had a stuck up attitude. There is no way of satisfying this society, is there?

I evolved into someone who can ask for help at ease and a “NO,” doesn’t really affect me anymore. I believe you need to ask for help when you need it and not let your ego come in between! Getting some help won’t make you any less of a person because if that Khichdi took you 10 minutes with help then, it is still an accomplishment!

Ask for help help because you truly need it; not because you're lazy.

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