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  • Hasitha Illa

Pursue what you love

People might tell you that, “It is not possible”, or that “It is way too difficult for you to achieve”, or even advices like “Why don’t you just stay at home and take the easy route.” Most often, these comments tend to come out of concern. On the other hand, some smirk in order to put you down. But, the key here is to make it seem like nothing is affecting you. As long as you have your goal ahead of you and the will to do it, then, there is no one who can stop you.

Personally, I love my field. On a daily basis, I get to learn about the things that I didn’t know about myself, on a cellular level. It is known that even the slightest mutation in your genetics can cause a drastic and a phenotypical change. But, as you dig deeper and ‘research’ one can find ways to overcome these mutations. This has really grabbed my attention, and I thrive to start and complete PhD. (after I complete my 6 months for getting my degree) But in the end, I yearn to have some sort of positive impact on our society, whether it is through this biotechnological research or even through my writings.

To be honest, being a wheelchair user, this is a big goal which I have set for myself. So, I am totally aware of the amount of demotivators that will come along my way. Thus, I kept my goals locked inside of me. However, as I reached final year, my parents asked me the cliché question of, “What next?” As I slowly diffused my thoughts, I was happy to receive their support. But along the way, you are bound to find those people that bring apathy in you. That is when you hold your head high and say, “Things may become difficult, but, nothing is impossible.”

Doing the things you love gives you the utmost satisfaction and showing people that you have done it will bring immense happiness and courage.

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