• Hasitha Illa

Perks of being on a wheelchair

I believe that we should embrace what is given to us instead of grieving about it. (I wrote about all the things I've been blessed with HERE) It took me sometime to realize that life is what we make it so, why not live your fullest? When I first got my wheelchair, I wasn't the happiest. But with time, I found out that the wheelchair was like my companion and I had to accept it as it controlled my mobility. Along with disadvantages, there are many perks that my family & I take full advantage of, shamelessly.

I effortlessly ‘smuggle’ food into the movie theaters. As we all know, it is prohibited to bring food from outside because the sales in the theater will drastically decrease. We buy popcorn from time to time but, my brother and I love to eat KFC's popcorn chicken while watching a movie. That is when we got the idea that the little pouch, behind me, can serve as a hiding spot. But, what if they see? We gave it a shot and we succeeded. From then on, it became a major perk of mine

I easily get away with dress related malfunctions. Recently, I went to Delhi to receive the ‘Global Women Empowerment Award.’ As this was a prestigious event, I packed a really pretty lehenga which perfectly suited the occasion. But, the situation went out of hands when the buttons popped from behind. I couldn't even go back to switch dresses because we live a plane ride away. My mom did some temporary fixes but, since I was in a wheelchair, my back is always covered. That is the day that my wheelchair saved me through a malfunction! Even if you gave me a backless top, no one would know :P

I serve as a handy-dandy luggage cart. On days when we shop a lot, I become extra useful. Normally, husbands complain about having to carry all those shopping bags in malls. But, I get the honors to do that. And on the days when we go to the supermarket, we splurge. We end up with so many bags that we need to make multiple rounds to get everything in the house. That is where i help decrease the amount of rounds by piling things on me. And no one can enjoy this live shopping cart except my parents.

People judge a book by its cover and I get a chance to prove my potential. People generalize that I lack potential (because I’m in a wheelchair). Most people don't believe in all the things that I can do. They discourage me and tell me that I can not. But, little did they know that this is what fuels the fire in me. I was told that I can’t get a project outside of my campus. I was told that I could not do any wet lab work. Mainly, I was told that I would not stand a chance in my field. But, here I am proving everyone wrong and showing them that I do have a potential. People judge a book by its cover and that has become an advantage in proving my worth!

Live your life to the fullest
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