• Hasitha Illa

If my wheelchair could talk

**This is purely for entertainment**

Hi Hasitha,

I know that I’m your favorite! Out of all the other ones, I’m spacious and very smooth to ride on. So, of course you have to love me. I know I am a little hefty, but c’mon I have to be!

But, what’s with the other people? They call you an inspiration but, what about me? I am the one rattling in the backseat while you drive to that event. I’m the one who provides you your own throne while others have to stand. I never left your side like some have. Ehem! Ehem! I guess, people do call you an inspiration because of me so, I guess we’re even.

See what I mean by NO personal space

Also, if I got a rupee for all the damage you cause me then, I would totally be rich. Not too long ago Benjamin (my dog) broke a piece of me. (I mean I love him and all, except that he doesn’t understand the concept of personal space.) You weren’t strong enough and I had to sacrifice a part! You’ve broken your other wheelchairs to the point where people were shocked they can break like that. Not gonna lie, I’m low-key scared for my life!

I say let’s compromise. Just like you ask for food bribes; give me one as well. Maybe a break? What say?

-Your Ever So Sassy Throne

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