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Expect the Unexpected!


Let’s back track to 2018 when I attended my first youth seminar. Even though this was two years; I remember as if it happened yesterday.

For the people who don’t know what that is; it’s an event that is held especially for the youth. It helps with self-introspection, meditation and obviously to mingle. People from all over India come to Kanha Shanti Vanam to attend this beautiful event. For this one, I met foreigners who flew to India particularly for this event!

I’ve attended this event for the very first time in 2018 and avoided every other one merely because socializing makes me anxious. As much as I love to talk; I hate the process of making new friends. With over 1,000’s of people in that event; I found it extremely nerve wrecking and out of my comfort zone to attend one. But this time around, my mom insisted that I go for at least one. (Yes, it was mom who would constantly push me out of my comfort zone!)

The event was for a whole week and I’d wonder how I’d survive. The initial days went pretty slow because I didn’t dare to speak. Even though people would start conversations, I didn’t make an effort to continue them. I would be aloof to them because there is nothing that makes me more nervous than to mingle. Even though I had a tough time; I enjoyed the sessions with the international speaker, Vasco. He not only dealt with meditation but, character building as well!

As days started passing; tables started turning. The love that people started showering helped me warm up to the atmosphere. Small gestures like flowers and drawings kept my smile going and with every hurdle gave me an opportunity to form a new bond. The girl who stayed in her bubble successfully popped it to experience the world!

We have to challenge our comfort zones and come out of it. Because if I didn’t and stayed at home then, would I meet all these amazing people and made some lifelong friendships? No. Would I have learnt these crucial values elsewhere? Maybe not. ( I have a whole series about comfort zones. Click HERE)

Though I was doubtful at first, now, I’m sure to not miss any of these seminars in the future! (I still would talk a friend along instead of going friend less haha!)

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