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Count your Blessings

We tend to be like those perfectionists that focus on what is wrong and try to make it right. In the process, we end up stressing on those things and we fail to acknowledge the blessings we were given. I mean, in all that darkness, there must be a ray of light peeping through. Everyone will be blessed with something but, I am extremely grateful to have enough to fill a blog post.

To begin with, I would not be where I am without the Heartfulness Meditation. It gave me such a positive outlook on life and made me accept the things that needed to be. I'm at my most stable mental state and that is only because of Heartfulness. Additionally, this organization has given the opportunity to put my fears behind and speak on multiple platforms. While expressing my feelings , I was able to inspire souls and that just made my heart happy. The Heartfulness has initiated this journey to change the perspectives and I surely wanted to continue it. Thus, this blog, Turning Point, was born.

During my college years, I was sprinkled with luck in the form of meaningful bonds. College was one such phase which was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I met people who have put me through hard times and ones who treated me unfairly. But, the people and memories that I will cherish are with those who have proven to be by my side no matter what. The ones who stood with me during my hard times and will continue to stay till the end. I did my final year project in the prestigious institute called CCMB in Hyderabad. I was very fortunate to be among people that find happiness in helping others grow. It felt as if I was part of an extended family that helped me in boosting my confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, you should expect the unexpected. I never knew a dog could make a person soo happy. It touches my heart to see him excited to see me every morning, after a good night’s sleep. He has literally become a part of my daily routine and I wouldn’t want a day without him. In addition, I never knew that a person who I've met off the internet would mean so much. I never really supported online interactions as it gave me trust issues. But, this soul has proven my ‘online theory’ wrong.

However, the true people are the ones who have supported you throughout your life. I’m extremely thankful for a family who constantly has my back. They have always empathized with me and knew what I truly wanted. My parents are the reason I wake up everyday with a roof above my head and eat a three-course meal (sometimes four). At times, I am able to splurge on the things I like. While my brother is my partner in crime and we are always up to mischief. This ultimately brings joy into life, so, what more do I need?

The Almighty always compensates our hardships with blessings during some part of our life. Rethinking all these moments made me really happy. What are you blessed with?

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