• Hasitha Illa

Comfort Zones

Everyone would like to grab a coffee and read a book to stay in their comfort zones. But, very little actually burst that bubble and break free from it. Obviously, people would want to hold on to things that comfort them like to chill in shorts and a tee. It’s very uncommon for people to come into the limelight and it takes a daring person to try something that is unconventional which could be as simple as getting an extreme makeover or becoming a public entity.

Growing up, I was one of those that constantly remained in my own world. I had very low self esteem and so, I remained “the quiet one” in the classroom. I would wish to do many things, but never expressed it as I was constantly afraid by the thoughts of others. But most importantly, I remained covert and refused to express my thoughts to any third person.

My mother played a major role to help change my perspectives. At a young age, she had shown various examples of personalities like the scientist Stephen Hawking's or the man with no limbs, Nick Vujicic. One showed me the importance of following my dreams despite the situation and the latter showed me the essence of coming out of one’s shell to face the public.

A major milestone in my life was when my parents made the big decision of putting me in my college hostel. I didn’t even expect that I would successfully manage four years living alone. Obviously, there were ups and downs but, these shaped me into becoming more confident about who I am. I feel that once you make a step out and start dealing with the problems around, you are unconsciously breaking free from your zone.

During my college years, my mom encouraged me to send an application for the Miss Wheelchair India pageant and I was super stoked to see that I made the participants list. That day was literally a journey of emotions as stepping on stage brought all my insecurities out. But surprisingly, this event helped showcase my disability with confidence in front of an audience. Satisfaction filled my heart and that made me realize the importance of coming out.

Comfort zones are great when they are a temporary thing. Always being fearful and stepping back will do no good for your future. For example, I know a person who is a software engineer who, because of his fright for interviews, glued himself to one company despite the low wage. Sine he is unable to fight his fears and break-free, he as well as his family is suffering.

Once you taste success, there is no way one will go back into their nutshell!

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