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  • Hasitha Illa

Cerebral Palsy

As I started my advocating journey with a mission of changing people's perception on disability; I made many new friends. One of which were people with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Now, what is CP exactly?


CP is the most common physical disability, in childhood, that affects about 17 million people

worldwide. Yet, so many of us are unaware of what it actually is! CP is a neurological condition caused by brain damage to a developing fetus. (So, when your brain doesn't develop like that picture in the left!) There are 4 types of CP but in general, the common affects are:


  • movement and walking difficulties

  • speech difficulties

  • spinal deformities

  • some have epilepsy

  • some have intellectual difficulties

Each person with CP are affected very differently. Some have severe speech difficulties while others need a wheelchair for mobility. Disability is a spectrum each one is very unique.

Stay tuned for a new disease next month!

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