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  • Hasitha Illa

Can a disabled individual love!?!

In today’s guest post, I wanted to share a love story of a girl with Friedreich’s Ataxia. (Learn more about this disease HERE) In the world that we all live in, people are perplexed to see disabled people in relationships. I have recently shared that one of the weirdest questions I get asked is “How can you love?” (Watch that video HERE) People tend to associate disability with the lack of a love life. But, that is such a huge misconception and I have a story to prove it!

Love is a beautiful feeling and each and every person has the capability to experience it. It is extremely natural for two people to fall in love but, it all depends on destiny on how those feelings will end. Because, I know interabled couples who are happy and are doing great with life. Today, I'll be sharing one such story.

Before I got diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia (FA), I was in a relationship that everyone admired . He was very romantic, intelligent and most importantly he loved me. At least, I thought he did.When I got diagnosed with FA; everything changed. He started to ignore me and we stopped going on dates. I was obligated to get out of an unhealthy relationship though it was very hard. That was the start of my black days. I remember a lot of tears and days without wanting to meet my own family.I started hating my body, soul and everything about me. I didn't want anyone to love me. I said to myself if he didn't want me, how could other men love me ? This lasted for one year.

Then, I started breathing, respecting and loving myself. I was keen about my health, physiotherapies, exercises. I started going to church and believing in God .I painted, read books and danced; I was happy. I didn't want anyone to make me happy because I was. If you are not happy with yourself you will never be happy with someone one else. That is when I realized the importance of self-love!

One day, I met a guy through mutual friends and we quickly became soulmates. He was cute and accepted me for who I am. He loved me with my way of walking, with my dizziness, with my falls. When we were travelling I got exhausted and he asked me, “how much is it to buy a wheelchair?” He bought one and pushed it every time I got tired. I was shocked. He would still love me even with a wheelchair. Imagine, I thought the wheelchair was a barrier for our love, not for him!

Well, in my opinion these are what real men are. He is my hero who came in a time when I was looking for someone desperately. So guys, the right person will come but when is the right moment. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not after one week or month but, it will come. Everyone deserves a partner but, love yourself first before anyone else!


If you really liked my story I won't stay anonymous :)

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