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  • Hasitha Illa

Bits and pieces to freedom

While other children complain that their parents keep them on curfew, etc. I was lucky to be brought up in a family where freedom was never a deficit. I was blessed with parents who thought broad-mindedly and thus, I was able to be how I wanted around the house. And maybe that is why both my brother and I are closely bonded to them. We were never forced upon to do anything and our desires were mostly fulfilled.

Many kids of my age cringe about their parents restricting their activity. I hear stories on a daily basis on how they are not allowed to do certain things. For example, they don’t allow their child to go out for parties late at night and more common is the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend issue’ that persists at home. In most households, the children are unable to be as expressive as they would be outside. This takes a toll on the majority of their freedom.

I should be lucky for the amount of liberty my parents give (and I am) but, it is being masked by my inability. To be honest, it is very different for a situation to cause restrictions to your daily activities rather than a person. However, both cause lack in freedom. For example, people applaud my parents for allowing me to get a permanent tattoo done. However, no one knows the backstory behind their approval. In that beautiful trip to Goa, I was disapproved by officials to do things like parasailing because of my inability to stand still and for this compensation, my parents cheerfully agreed for getting a tattoo.

My limited capabilities cause me to miss the things which I wish to do. Its like I can go out late at night but, I need someone to take me there. I am allowed to parasail, but, I can’t stand for it. I am allowed to horse ride, but, I don't have the stability for it. I can talk on the phone but, as soon as I need a glass of water I need someone. I can talk very openly at home, but, nothing which can hurt them.

As I started to grow I got a different meaning to what the others thought freedom was. The day when I needed someone in the washroom was when I lost my ability. The day when I needed someone to reach a destination was when I lost myself. The day when I needed someone for my existence was when I lost my independence. And today, I learnt to accept it all.

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