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  • Hasitha Illa

Attaining inner peace

People have made it a routine to blame their circumstances for the way they feel. Like, “Oh I am stressed because I have an exam tomorrow,” or “I’m sad because my girlfriend decided to leave me for someone else.” Any situation can influence one's emotions but, it can not totally dominate them. Truly, no one can control one's inner feelings except for the self. Happiness solely depends on one’s thoughts. Channeling the positivity will obviously broaden one’s outlook on things while, negativity will start crushing the inner self.

I have a live example to prove this statement that your inner condition shapes you externally. Initially, when I was diagnosed with the disease, I was practically ‘normal.’ This means that I was able to walk without support and most importantly, I was able to accomplish things without the dependency of others. Yet, I became crushed and unhappy for the majority of my childhood. I would take all the bullying which kids did and let it affect me and my personality. At this point, I was labelled that this kid was depressed due to her disability and I would agree that this is how I should be feeling.

As my disease is progressive, I became completely dependent on the wheelchair for any sort of mobility. I would need the aid of others for even the smallest of things and I practically, lost my own freedom. It would be expected that my physical condition would be in par with my mental state. That, this disease will end up affecting my mental condition as well. However, I learnt to embrace my inner positivity and by doing this, I am the happiest one can be. Even though the negativity infested my brain partially, I learned to break-free.

The main thing to note is during the initial stages was the time I was least happiest. However, though my disease was gradually worsening, I became a happier person. This is only because I accepted myself and made peace with my thoughts. It's not okay to settle with your situations but, you should learn to grow out of them.

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