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An open letter to my present self

My other open letter did really well. If you haven’t read it, CLICK HERE. That is what inspired me to do today’s post.

Dear pessimistic Hasitha,

Since January things did not go as expected. 2020 was like a domino effect of failures. If one stopped working out; the next one followed it. Ultimately, it made you believe that no good was going to happen.

When your career started falling apart, you told yourself that there is something better waiting for you. But, when your relationship followed the same fate, you had nothing to tell yourself. The pandemic was waiting for the perfect time to tear people down and indeed it did; at the perfect moment.

Within a span of 6 months, the situation has skyrocketed into something indestructible. Your career paused and your relationship was thrown off of a cliff. The covid cases are constantly escalating and the inhumanity is prominently shown in newspapers. News like police brutality in Tamil Nadu and the misbehavior of AP officials on a disabled women really shooked you.

Each month had some news in store for you and as you progressed, it became difficult to digest. In all directions of life, you were drowning and the only thing that helped you cope was your name- Hasi “laughter.”

Lately, you’ve been reading a book called “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck,” and it clearly states that suffering is a continuous part of life and we have to learn to embrace it. It also says that every time you learn to solve these predicaments is what will make you happy; not running from them! Why don’t you start incorporating this into your thought process?

You are strong believer of destiny. Not the one where you merely wish for things to happen but, to actually work for it. Work for what you’re passionate for and destiny will truly decide if it’s right for you or not.


Your better half (literally)

DISCLAIMER: Apart from the language, that book, The subtle of not giving a f*ck, is bomb and I’m gonna give a book review on my youtube channel. Subscribe HERE so you don’t miss that video!!

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