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An open letter to all the Extroverts

To all the extroverts out there:

It must be very suffocating to be stuck at home from what started in March and may extend till who knows when. I agree that it is difficult to be in a situation which you have no control in and exasperating to sacrifice the little things that bring you joy like traveling. But, it becomes easier when we know that there are others fighting the same battle with you. Personally, I can relate to all those extroverts who love to go out and be around friends. It all started years back.

I was a completely extroverted child who loved new faces, being wild and saying anything I felt. But over the years, I changed from exuberant to contained and an extrovert to an ambivert. This wasn’t a personal choice rather, I was in a helpless situation. If you follow me, then you must be knowing that I have FA (read about it HERE) which is the reason I’m in a wheelchair. With every new situation that comes your way, one needs to learn to be adaptive as well as practical. It is not at all practical for me to constantly be outside; my body won’t accept it nor will my people. Looking at the current pandemic, it is not smart to step out either.

My hostel experiences have taught me to enjoy solitude and the company of myself. This pandemic will help you learn and adapt into any situation that comes your way. I can proudly say that I’ve successfully transformed into an ambivert, a girl who loves to party just as much as staying in. With time, you can too!

I would say being an ambivert is a skill as you can enjoy the best of both worlds and connect with an array of people. Having this trait makes it easier to deal with such difficult situations like right now. As much as I want to get out of the house; it's not killing me to be inside.


Your ray of sunshine.

A little playlist that'll surely put a smile on your face!

1. Count your blessings (HERE)

2. Pursue what you love (HERE)

3. Those four legged furry friends (HERE)

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