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Life tries to teach us lessons in the most unexpected way. My name is Hasitha Illa and I was diagnosed with a rare and progressive neurological disease that has no cure. Certain situations like these can potentially crush a human being from the inside. However, everyone can reach that ‘turning point’ in life where you start accepting and move on with your normal life. Join my journey...

Turning Point by Hasitha Illa

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I recently discovered that I had a knack for writing and I didnt want to let it go for waste. Instead, I am using it to bring about awareness on various topics like mental health and disability. I’m using my skill in order to smash social stereotypes and to go beyond to let people know that it is okay to be different.

Hasitha Illa

BioTechnologist, Blogger

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In my journey of life, there were many incidents where I felt I didn't want to live such a life. However, I received a boon in my life called Heartfulness Meditation. From that day, I was hooked into a spiritual path of life. My positive attitude and strong personality is as a result of regular meditation. 

As a child, I was the worst when it came to public speaking. However, the one above decided that I needed this skill to inspire people and to prove that people with disabilities have potential. Till date, I’ve given various talks in schools and events (LINK HERE) I’m further eager for more opportunities to spread motivation.



Talks and More...

My Journey - Achievements, Struggles, Speeches and more